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Month: September 2010

Interview with Bobby Owsinski

This week on The Home Recording Show Ryan interviewed the legendary Engineer; Producer; Author Bobby Owsinski. The interview is about 50min long and packed with…

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How to mic anything

I’m getting sick of seeing things like “A D112 is a kick drum mic”. You can put ANY MIC in front of ANY SOURCE, it…


Serious bug for Pro Tools LE guys on Windows

It’s been discovered that Pro Tools LE 8.0.4 places the recorded audio EARLIER than originally played. not just a few samples but up to 5000…

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The History of The Roland TR-808

This is a guest post from Geoffrey Granka of Fresh Produce Productions. Find him online at and @gmgranka on Twitter. Like previously covered pieces…


The Pro Tools Studio List

The always awesome AIR Users Blog has started a new service. They’re creating a page listing all the Pro Tools equipped studios. Listing your studio…

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MoReVox MSP Impulse Response Library

This month MoReVox released the new Impulse Response Library MSP. There are 3 purchasing options and a small free package is available. Looking for some…

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Everything Is A Remix

Check out this great video on copying, remixing and outright stealing musical ideas. Part 1 of 4 to be released.