Video: Analog Tape Feedback Regeneration

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Playing around with a feedback loop in reaper with my space echo. Take this routing and you can turn any analog recorder into a delay.

Video: Slate Digital VMR Demo with EDM loops and first impressions review

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Slate Digital just released the Virtual Mix Rack plugin and while I was trying it out I made a quick demo video. I’m using presets from VMR on each channel, with free DEADMAU5 style loops from LoopPort.


My first impressions review:

Lots of fun. Really intuitive to use. Very useable presets. The modules sound great and have an authentic sound but not limited to the original set of controls. The constantly variable frequency for the EQs is great, so rare to see on a Neve emulation. On really nice little detail is that the wear on the modules, all the faded and chipped paint changes each time you load a module.

It’s well worth getting the demo now for the free Revival module. That’s going to get a lot of use in my mixing and maybe mastering too.

I’m not buying it yet, but I think the price ($149) is great. It’s not something I NEED but it’s something I definitely want.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what other modules will be coming out for this. In 6 months this could be incredible. Will VCC, VBC, and FG-X be integrated? Will more complex routing within the plugin be added (ie sidechaining)? I don’t know, but it would be nice.

My only feature request is for a volume trim in the top right corner. These sound great driven hard and it’s impossible to keep a good gain structure, or objectively A/B compare without balanced level at the output. Steven Slate has said a free trim module is coming soon, but I feel it should be integrated into the rack, rather than as a processor. You can’t argue with feelings.

Gobbler 1.0 Files Will Be Deleted December 1st!

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I got a pretty important email from Gobbler yesterday. I’ve been using them for audio project backup since 2011 and have referred nearly 300 of my readers and social media followers.

The transition from Gobbler 1.0 to 2.0 will surely be a pain for some users. I have about 210GB to think about downloading or letting go. Hmmm

Full email below.


Hi Jon,


In preparation for some big changes, we have to do some major housekeeping. As we transition to our new product platform, the files you have stored in Gobbler 1.0 will be unavailable after December 1st.


Please login to the Gobbler 1.0 client and download any files you need before December 1st.


We know this transition may bring up questions, so see below for answers to the ones we’ve received most-frequently:


Q: I paid for an annual membership, what happens to my money?

A: We will be refunding you the difference between what you paid and the amount of time left on your membership. You will not be billed again for the Gobbler 1.0 service.


Q: How much time do I have to migrate from 1.0?

You have until 11:59PM PST, December 1st to login and download your files from the Gobbler server. After that, your files will no longer be accessible.


Q: How do I download my 1.0 data?
A: You can download your data by clicking on “Files in Gobbler” in your Library, and then selecting one or many files, right-clicking and choosing “Download”.

Q: What happens to my data?

A: Your data will be permanently deleted, and neither Gobbler or our hosting partners will be able to access it any longer.


Q: Can I move my data from 1.0 to 2.0?

A: Yes, but you will need to do so manually. Visit the new site to learn more!


Q: I still want to collaborate on my music projects, what can I do?

A: Good news, the new version of Gobbler still allows you to collaborate on your projects! Try out the latest version by visiting, logging in to your account, and clicking the “Switch to 2.0″ link on the top right. Even better, while it’s in beta it’s totally free!


Q: I referred a bunch of my friends to Gobbler because its great, and earned extra free space…what about me?

A: You’re awesome, and we love you. Don’t worry…we’ve got some special stuff coming in our new product that you’ll get for free!


Q: I user Gobbler for my class at school, what should I do?

A: Please contact and we’ll figure out the right solution for you on a case-by-case basis!


Q: I still have a question about the transition thats not answered here, where do I go to get my answers?

A: Send an email to and we’ll get back to you right away.


Thanks for being a good friend, we’re excited for the next phase of what’s to come…stay tuned!

The Gobbler Team


Some Things Never Change

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“Starting in the record business in my early twenties, I could count the number of real record producers on my fingers. Today, I believe that every third person I meet is either a record producer or trying to become one.”
– George Martin

I found this quote in the foreword of the book Home Recording for Musicians by Craig Anderton, the original 1978 edition. 36 years later the statement is still just as true.


Video: Dick Wave

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Have you ever noticed that waveforms sometimes resemble certain other things? In this video Geoff and Gavin from Rooster Teeth pass the time trying to draw dicks with their mouth sounds.



Can you do better?

Video: Labor of Love

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Meet Grant Meyers, a foley artist with a real passion for sound.

Video by Jack Pierce

The Fans Deserve Better

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Another great video from Glenn at Spectre Media Group.


Are you applying pitch correction, sample replacement and quantizing instruments without considering what it does to the emotional impact of the song? Knock that shit off!