Flexible 3D printed ears for binaural...

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.47.43 AM

THIS IS NOT A HOW-TO! Just something I thought was cool and wanted to share. Sam (Corridor Digital) has been experimenting with 3D printing scans of his ears for binaural sound capture. He’s using a pair of Sennheiser wireless lav mics inside the fake ear’s canals. For a quick proof of concept experiment, this worked […]

Sunday Jam 07


Sunday Jam week 7.

Sunday Jam 06


In Sunday Jam 06 I’m in synth land again, making a retro new wave track with U-He synths and Geist.

Some things become a standard for a r...


What was something you put off buying for your studio because you thought you knew better?

Sunday Jam 05


In this one I decided to go in a electronic path and found myself making a retrowave kind of track.

Sunday Jam 04

In this one I’m continuing on the rough song idea from last week and building up a new song idea.

Sunday Jam 03

Beatzille is one of those synths that inspires songs with every patch. That was the case with this Sunday Jam, I played a note and suddenly had ideas for accompaniment instantly. None of those ideas made it into the recording but that’s normal. This is still hardly what  you could call a song but it […]