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Digidesign A.I.R. Transfuser RTAS instrument Free Preview

Copy and pasted from Digidesign:

Digidesign is excited to introduce the Transfuser™ Preview — a free three-month prerelease version of Transfuser, a brand new, upcoming RTAS® virtual instrument plug-in for Pro Tools® from the Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group. Transfuser is an innovative, real-time loop, phrase, and groove creation workstation that allows you to quickly and easily create, manipulate, and perform loop- and rhythm-based music on the fly. Ideal for electronic, hip-hop, and dance music production, remixing, and anyone working with loops, Transfuser comes packed with a variety of loops and phrases to get you started creating right away. It also offers a great way to quickly and easily modify your existing loop libraries to breathe new life into your creations

  • Easily develop and tweak grooves on the fly within Pro Tools
  • Offers unique tools for working with audio files, including:
    • Real-time slicing and tagging of loops
    • Automatic conversion of loops into
      MIDI patterns/drum kits
    • Sound replacement in existing loops on the fly
  • Musically intelligent randomization of loops for instantly crafting variations on a whim
  • Offers a wide range of real-time effects for electronic, hip-hop, and dance music creation
  • Includes a variety of loops and phrases, and breathes new life into existing loop libraries
  • Supports full drag and drop of Pro Tools regions and audio files from your computer browser
  • Powerful live performance-oriented features allow for both creative arranging and performing of grooves

As Great as Native Instruments stuff is, they’re pretty unstable in the current version of Pro Tools. Rather than waiting for NI to get the plugs working right, Digidesign’s Advanced Instrument Research department has given the Pro Toolers another reason to forget about NI. Transfuser looks to be in competition with Kontakt. Looks pretty awesome to me, and judging from the samples it sounds awesome too.

I can’t wait to try it out.

Thanks to Dr. J for the heads up on this.

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