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Month: May 2008

Digidesign Transfuser Excited about Ableton Live

I really love Transfuser, but couldn’t help but LOL at this clever video. Join in on the discussion of Transfuser in Craig Anderton’s Harmony Central…

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More awesome programs that make my life easy(er)

A while back I wrote about 6 essential free programs for Windows XP, I still use most of those on a daily basis. The exception…


Phantom Power and Ribbon Mics

Jon Ulrigg of Shinybox Ribbon microphones has posted a quick tutorial video about phantom power and ribbon mics, a subject of of much debate and…

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Skullcandy TI Headphones Review

My main pair of headphones are Audio Technica ATH-M30s. Awesome tracking headphones, very durable, long thick cord, great sound, but unfortunately fatiguing to wear for longer than 30 minutes, they really compress your cartilage. This makes them less than ideal for casual listening.

I’ve been interested in Skullcandy headphones since the first time I saw them in the trendy overpriced surf shop I sometimes go in. They look pretty cool, they are nicely packaged, the price however kept me from buying them. Until now.

Last weekend I finally broke down and bought the TI model headphones.

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Vocal Tuning and Correction Tools

There are many different ways to process vocal tracks for tuning and timing. Each method has pros and cons and varying degrees of effectiveness. Celemony…


New theme

I’ve just spent the last couple hours finding, editing, and tweaking a new theme for the site. Its based on RevolutionCars by AdivorBlog. I mostly…


Digidesign A.I.R. Transfuser RTAS instrument Free Preview

Copy and pasted from Digidesign: Digidesign is excited to introduce the Transfuserâ„¢ Preview — a free three-month prerelease version of Transfuser, a brand new, upcoming…

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