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Tag: joke

Microphone Failures

I saw this on a forum yesterday, someone found a craigslist ad selling a Rode NT1A with this picture. If this was the way he…

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Where all the ORCHESTRAZ at???

“I can conduct the sh*t out of you!!!” Found this incredibly funny Craigslist ad today, I can’t tell if it’s serious or not but I…

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I gotta have more vuvuzela!

Because I don’t watch Soccer I find the whole thing hilarious. If you don’t hear his voice saying it, there might be something wrong with…

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Auto-Tune Motivational Poster

Apologies to the nice folks at Antares, but this made me laugh quite a lot. VIA: Very Demotivational

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Digidesign Transfuser Excited about Ableton Live

I really love Transfuser, but couldn’t help but LOL at this clever video. Join in on the discussion of Transfuser in Craig Anderton’s Harmony Central…

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