Sunday Jam 02

sunday jam02

Guitar noodles and pedal noise

Comedic Sound Design for games presen...


On December 12th 2015 Luca Fusi gave a talk on comedic sound design for the Vancouver Sound Designers Meetup group. I filmed and edited the presentation for the group’s youtube channel.

Sunday Jam 01

sunday Jam 01

This first one is just expanding on a recent song sketch, really just a pattern made from various short sounds from my MeeBlip Anode synth. Processed on the buses with Decapitator and in parallel with ValhallaVintageVerb and 2 instances of Tantra.

9 things I learned from watching myse...


I spent a lot of time watching myself mix while editing my Mixing in REAPER Vol 1 video series. I’ve learned quite a bit from it and I think these things are worth pointing out. I work pretty quickly, I don’t spend a lot of time on things that won’t matter much. I don’t overthink […]

Film sound editing presentation at Va...

humberto corte

Humberto Corte’s presentation on sound editing at the sound designers meetup

Waves Behind the Plugins Documentary


Learn about what goes into the development of Waves plugins in this new documentary.

The coffee cup analogy to audio headr...

The coffee cup analogy to audio headroom

Today I was reading a post on a facebook group from a guy, let’s call him Jack, concerned with a master that was clean in the DAW and clipped when it played streaming from Soundcloud. He checked for intersample peaks and left some headroom (0.3dBFS) but still it clipped when streaming. Then I went to […]