Video: Analog Tape Feedback Regenerat...

A short video on using feedback with analog tape.

Video: Slate Digital VMR Demo with ED...

Slate Digital just released the Virtual Mix Rack plugin and while I was trying it out I made a quick demo video. I’m using presets from VMR on each channel, with free DEADMAU5 style loops from LoopPort.   My first impressions review: Lots of fun. Really intuitive to use. Very useable presets. The modules sound […]

Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

“Starting in the record business in my early twenties, I could count the number of real record producers on my fingers. Today, I believe that every third person I meet is either a record producer or trying to become one.” – George Martin I found this quote in the foreword of the book Home Recording […]

Video: Dick Wave

Have you ever noticed that waveforms sometimes resemble certain other things? In this video Geoff and Gavin from Rooster Teeth pass the time trying to draw dicks with their mouth sounds.     Can you do better?

Video: Labor of Love

Meet Grant Meyers, a foley artist with a real passion for sound.

The Fans Deserve Better

Another great video from Glenn at Spectre Media Group.   Are you applying pitch correction, sample replacement and quantizing instruments without considering what it does to the emotional impact of the song? Knock that shit off!

How to transfer photos from a camera ...

How to transfer photos from a camera to your iPhone in 36 easy steps

As you may already know, I’ve been getting into photography this year, and I’m also pretty active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I share a photo most days and if I want better than iPhone 4 quality, and more control over lighting, aperture etc. then I use my real camera. Getting the photos from the […]