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Flexible 3D printed ears for binaural audio capture

THIS IS NOT A HOW-TO! Just something I thought was cool and wanted to share.

Sam (Corridor Digital) has been experimenting with 3D printing scans of his ears for binaural sound capture. He’s using a pair of Sennheiser wireless lav mics inside the fake ear’s canals. For a quick proof of concept experiment, this worked extremely well.

Corridor does a lot of first-person perspective videos and by filming them with binaural audio, everything should sound a lot more immersive.

You can see the printing and a quick test in this first vlog, and another test of the system in the second video.

I have to say it sounds great and very lifelike in headphones and in my studio monitors. Can’t wait to see them using this for real.


  1. Andre
    Andre December 1, 2016

    That seems cool but I’m a little skeptical of how well that would work in real life as it limits the amount of control an audio engineer could have, kind of like recording in bad room.

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