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Sunday Jam 06

I’m made music making a weekly habit. 6 weeks in and I think it’s pretty cool that I already have 4 new songs started. In a year I might have 40 or more song sketches just from 30min-1hr of playing in the DAW each week. A few of them might even be brought to completion.

This time I’m in synth land again, making a retro new wave track with U-He synths and Geist.

The drums are definitely not right. Not having the right drum sounds instantly available is a real creativity killer. As soon as I hear a kick or snare that’s wildly out of style with the genre I lose my train of thought. I’m sure you can spot the exact moment in the video.

Also, I’ve got to get out of the habit of using the same progression for multiple instruments. I do it every time! Why?!?!

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  1. Nice. I had a practice like that for a while. It’s a great autotelic way to create. Some of the sketches I had turned into finished projects. Usually I would be doing sound design for a play and instead of starting with a blank slate I would go through some of my sketches first to see if I already had something useful.

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