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Some things become a standard for a reason

Today I bought some more studio headphones, the Sennheiser HD280 Pro. I’ve tried so many different headphones over the past 10 years and here I am back around to the headphones my college recommend back in 2006. Why didn’t I buy them back then?


This is just like how I avoided buying an SM-57 for nearly 10 years. I had other mics that I thought were better. Finally got one and realized that was the sound I had been looking for.
We can waste a lot of money (and time) trying out things that are cheaper or ‘better’ than the standards, sometimes you end up with a closet full of nice mics and an SM-57 on guitar cabinet every time because it just works.

Just some food for thought.

What was something you put off buying for your studio because you thought you knew better?

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