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Author: Jon

Review: MXR M-80 Bass DI+

Recently I bought the MXR M-80 Bass DI +. It’s much more than a DI box, it’s a bass preamp with clean and distortion channels, and 3-band EQ. It’s also a shortcut to awesome bass tones.

MXR Bass DI+
MXR Bass DI+


DCAM FreeComp – new free bus compressor from FXpansion

Earlier this week I checked out the new DCAM FreeComp from FXpansion. It’s a simplified version of the Bus Compressor in the DCAM Dynamics package.…


Andy Sneap on the Kemper Profiling Amp

Famous metal producer and guitarist Andy Sneap shares his experience with the Kemper Profiling Amplifier

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Review: Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection

It seems like every few weeks there some new piece of audio software that claims to make your music bigger, louder, deeper, and more badass in every way. Every new plugin is announced as a total game changer.

Like that means something.

The Virtual Console Collection

Steven Slate’s Virtual Console Collection is one of those so called game changing plugins. There was SO MUCH HYPE about this product that I was completely put off by the idea of it and tried to ignore it for a while.

VCC is a plugin that claims to make your mixes sound more analog and to make your DAW react exactly like an analog console. Not only that, but you get a choice of several consoles that you can use in any combination.
Say you wanted your guitars mixed on an SSL, drums on a vintage Neve, bass on a vintage RCA tube console, everything else through a Trident console and finally all those tracks summed through  an API. Impossible in real life, but accomplished in a minute with VCC.


Detroit Chop Shop Season 3 is out!

Ric Vier’s (Blastwave FX, author of The Sound FX Bible) new book The Location Sound Bible is completed and due for release in September. In…


Panda Studios "The Intern" Robot

Sam Pura and the dudes at The Panda Studios have built a microphone robot. The robot provides remote microphone position adjustment via joystick in the control room.

Super awesome! This is the kind time saving accessory every producer/engineer needs.

There’s a video below showing it in action.

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The World's Most Hated Studio Gear

There are a lot of common pieces of studio gear that get picked on a lot. Common gear you see all the time in studios…