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Detroit Chop Shop Season 3 is out!

Ric Vier’s (Blastwave FX, author of The Sound FX Bible) new book The Location Sound Bible is completed and due for release in September.

In the meantime, Chop Shop Season 3 just started on the SFX Bible YouTube channel. The show follows Ric and his interns as they run around collecting sounds for Blastwave FX at a different location each week.

bonus! We had Ric on The Home Recording Show Podcast earlier this year and was one of my favorite guests. Check out the podcast


  1. chriswinter92
    chriswinter92 July 11, 2012

    Speaking of Ric, you should really get him back on the podcast. It was one of my all time favorite episodes last time.

    • Jon
      Jon July 11, 2012

      we definitely will, probably in Sept once the book is released.

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