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DCAM FreeComp – new free bus compressor from FXpansion

Earlier this week I checked out the new DCAM FreeComp from FXpansion. It’s a simplified version of the Bus Compressor in the DCAM Dynamics package.

FXpansion DCAM FreeComp

FXpansion is proud to present DCAM FreeComp, a free circuit-modelled compression plugin in VST, AU or RTAS formats. DCAM FreeComp is a realistic model of a classic console bus compressor design, designed to gel subgroups and entire mixes together while enhancing punch and definition. It’s also excellent at taming peaks in individual tracks and instruments, creative sculpting and heavy, pumping compression effects.


The sound is very SSL-like, as it should be. Auto-release can be ideal for a lot of sources but I prefer a much faster release for drum and mix bus. While I couldn’t attain my ideal SSL-style compressed drum sound without control over release time, I did like the plugin and will be definitely be trying it on more tracks in my next mix.

CPU load with 10 instances was comparable to Waves SSL Comp, not super low but probably not a concern. Latency is zero. No ‘analog’ noise is added by this plugin muddying up your mix.

The GUI looks nice and is laid out logically. The knobs respond smoothly to mousewheel and don’t jump when clicked.

It’s worth checking out, just log into your FXpansion account (create one if needed) and the download is there. A serial number request (instant) will get it working.


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