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Month: August 2012

Learn Synthesizer sound design with Syntorial [kickstarter]

This week I got an email from Joe Hanley about a new app he’s developing. It’s a tutorial app that teaches synthesizer operation and how…

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New AudioGeekZine Store Page

On the weekend I set up a new store page with better product profiles, shopping cart, order tracking and automatic download delivery. The new system…


Home Mastering Masterclass round 2

Pro mastering engineer Ian Shepherd has just reopened the doors on the Home Mastering Masterclass. I took part in the first round of the class…


Review: MXR M-80 Bass DI+

Recently I bought the MXR M-80 Bass DI +. It’s much more than a DI box, it’s a bass preamp with clean and distortion channels, and 3-band EQ. It’s also a shortcut to awesome bass tones.

MXR Bass DI+
MXR Bass DI+