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Better or just louder? Ian Shepherd’s Perception Plugin

Ya know what’s a pain? A/B comparing a mix or master you’re working on to reference tracks. How loud should you push the level? How much is too much?

Level matching by ear and comparing meters is just guess work. As you probably know, even a half decibel volume difference can skew your perception of audio. Mastering Engineer Ian Shepherd has come up with a better way and teamed up with MeterPlugs to build the Perception plugin.


Perception is more than a meter, it will automatically level match your project to your reference files so you can make totally impartial decisions about your mix or master processing.

Check out this video to see it in action and exactly why this is so important.

also this

Perception is on sale now with a $50 discount until this Friday. The price goes up to $149 on Saturday.

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