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Month: June 2012

The World's Most Hated Studio Gear

There are a lot of common pieces of studio gear that get picked on a lot. Common gear you see all the time in studios…


Re-Amping Explained

Re-Amping is a technique used by recording and mixing engineers to process recorded audio with analog hardware specifically guitar equipment. In the direct box basics…


Guest Post: 3 Can't Fail Recording Strategies

The best recordings are the combination of great instruments, great engineering and great performances. It’s no wonder that taking care of those three things will make your tracks sound that much better.


theaudiogeek interviewed on the Pro Tools Expert Podcast

A couple months back I was interviewed by Russ for the Pro Tools Expert podcast. We talked about blogging, serving the community, mics and audio editing.


New Recording Strategies eBook from Audio Issues

Bjorgvin Benediktsson releases his new eBook Recording Strategies which condenses all the essentials of making good recordings into an encouraging and easy to digest 80-page guide.

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Direct Box Basics

What is a DI box? A DI box aka Direct Inject or Direct box is a tool we use in the studio to bring a…


HSC Production Club is now open

Joe Gilder has just opened up his great HSC Production Club course. The Production Club is an 18 week course covering all aspects of producing…