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The World's Most Hated Studio Gear

There are a lot of common pieces of studio gear that get picked on a lot. Common gear you see all the time in studios but you refuse to ever use. Stuff you bought and left a bad taste in your ears that you’ve been holding a grudge about for decades.
For example, I absolutely dread having to use a D112 for kick drum. Gimme a broken radio shack mic instead…anything but a D112!

There are lots of others, let’s make a list of gear that is/was popular and is almost universally hated at the same time.
(we can skip picking on Behringer gear, no need to add them to the list)


  1. kmac
    kmac July 3, 2012

    I hate using Bad Musicians. They ruin the mix they have horrible tone and no matter how much you tweak the fuggers you get the same outcome CRAP

  2. Wayne Cochrane
    Wayne Cochrane July 3, 2012

    480 is awesome! No idea why it’s on this list.

    D112 isn’t amazing but also has selected uses. I’ll agree that I would probably use just about anything else first.

    The POD howeveris a piece of shit. It sounds like a half-legged microphone recording a laptop speaker.

    • Jon
      Jon July 3, 2012

      The 480 was voted for in ‘other’. I’d love to have one.

  3. Audio Mastering
    Audio Mastering July 13, 2012

    Hate is a strong word, but certainly the later U87’s are sure overrated mics. NS10 are disliked by as many who swear by them.

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