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Weekly Tweetdump 34

Another week of updates from @theaudiogeek

  • @KeyOfGrey 25% usually sounds like crap. I found PT’s Xform offline works best for long stretches. VERY slow though.
  • @KeyOfGrey I think Ableton’s Algorithms are written for efficiency, REAPER has a ton of options & eleastique Pro 2 sounds very good.
  • OMG Giant Brain Slug. I shall name him Tank @ihazadoodle is so grossed out but thrilled at the same time.
  • You’ve got to try Super Mario Crossover.
  • You East-coasters go to bed WAY too early! It’s only 10!!
  • New AGZ post: Vancouver Home Recording Meetup Group
  • Check out Vancouver Home Recording on Meetup –
  • Going to meet @chckn8r and have burgers soon
  • @HunterOnTheRun Burger was great, slow service and the Vuvuzela concert was annoying. Went to Vera’s Burger Shack on Commercial Ave.
  • LOL just noticed the Soccer mode on YouTube. 🙂
  • There are 2 new Futurama episodes to be found online.
  • New AGZ post: Big deals on Pro Tools Plugins
  • “REAPER Notes” becomes a monthly column in Sound On Sound in August. Great news!
  • Hey! go listen to the new Home Recording Show Podcast!
  • LOL @ my “lapel mic” doing the podcast right now.
  • Going out for coffee then recording a podcast.
  • RT @allenwagner: FREEeeee Ableton Live Sets
  • New AGZ post: Weekly Tweetdump 3something
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