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Weekly Tweetdump 27

Another week of Twitter activity from @theaudiogeek. For your health!

  • 2nd successful recording session of the day is over. Now it’s time to catch up on the newest Dr. Who
  • Back from tracking drums for Cardinal Chase. Sounds awesome.
  • I’ll be there cracking the whip. RT @rileyibell: In studio tomorrow tracking first full band recording as cc!
  • FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU MF! New tube doesn’t fit in the mic!
  • @BenPeilow – Looks great Ben. Happy the article was helpful.
  • Up early for the last day at Revolution Audio.
  • Do it! Record it! RT @brendo_91: an epic guitar battle.
  • New AGZ post: Auto-Tune Evo Review
  • speaking of my minions… @gmgranka where are you!
  • One of my AGZ minions wrote a review of Auto-Tune EVO. It will be up on the site before bedtime.
  • RT @sonicvalentine: I wish there was a market for remixes of songs making them LESS radio friendly. I’d be really good at that… and rich.
  • This wouldn’t have happened if the tracks were consolidated months ago FFFFFFFFUUUUUU
  • New AGZ post: This gear lust thing will be the death of me…
  • Show 72 – Multiple Songs In A Session & Ducking and Sidechain Part 2
  • UPS gave me presents today. And a customs bill. 🙁
  • @ihazadoodle poor Üterus
  • Vegetable Violence Professional SFX Library. Recorded & mastered at 96kHz for stomach churning realism
  • @CaptainCoke11 re: trigger vs Drumagog. Trigger will beat it. Drum samples and sidechain alone beat it. [in response to: @theaudiogeek Thoughts on Slate’s Trigger vs Drumagog?]
  • RT @groove3inc: Kontakt Explained by Eli Krantzberg is available –
  • Tip: running a Pro Tools system at 220V doubles the power, halves the latency and does everything twice as fast. But don’t try this at home
  • New AGZ post: Slate Digital Trigger Drum Replacer Preview
  • couldn’t take it anymore…ordered one of these today
  • My Tube mic will be better than ever thanks to a generous donation or a NOS tube from @rodger_brennan
  • I strained my neck reaching around the rack today. [not related to that last tweet LOL]
  • @ihazadoodle has mostly stopped puking, now complains about ‘too many boobs’. I don’t think I could ever find a problem with that ¯(°_o)/¯

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