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Tag: microphone

5 Tips for a Great Acoustic Guitar Recording

I wrote this article for the Revolution Audio newsletter. You may find it useful. 5 Tips for a Great Acoustic Guitar Recording Here are 5…


Microphone Failures

I saw this on a forum yesterday, someone found a craigslist ad selling a Rode NT1A with this picture. If this was the way he…

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The History of the Shure SM57

This is a guest post from Geoffrey Granka of Fresh Produce Productions. Find him online at and @gmgranka on Twitter. Wouldn’t it be lame if I…


Phantom Power and Ribbon Mics

Jon Ulrigg of Shinybox Ribbon microphones has posted a quick tutorial video about phantom power and ribbon mics, a subject of of much debate and…

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DIY Subkick microphone

This is an old, but very effective trick for miking kick drums. Take a Yamaha NS10 speaker cone and use that to capture the extra…