Optimizing OSX for Audio

Apple computers are almost studio ready right out of the box. There is very little required from the user in terms of optimization.

  1. Enable secondary click in Mouse Preferences
  2. Disable Natural scrolling direction in Mouse Preferences
  3. Set scrolling to without inertia in Universal Access>Mouse>Mouse Options
  4. Change show spotlight from CMD+Space to Option+Space in Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts (so you don’t conflict with Pro Tools recording shortcut)
  5. Disable Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible in Energy Saver preferences

These are just some of my own suggestions.

please note, this article was originally written for OSX 10.7 but has been updated over the years and should be considered almost entirely up to date. Continue reading Optimizing OSX for Audio

Learning REAPER – Resources & Help

I’m among the many frustrated Pro Tools users that is spending more and more time with REAPER these days. It doesn’t have all the features I need yet but is growing at an astounding rate, a new update is released every 2-3 weeks, a nice change from waiting months for similar updates from AVID. These updates aren’t just bug fixes, they’re new features, options and workflow improvements suggested by the user community.

Learning a new DAW, especially one so customizable as REAPER is not something easily accomplished in a weekend. Here’s a list of some resources to help you and I learn REAPER:

REAPER User Guide – Official user manual, regularly updated to reflect new changes

REAPER Wiki – user contributed Wiki for REAPER

REAPER Blog – News, tips and tricks

SWS Manual – SWS are some very useful extensions for REAPER

REAPER Forum – Official user forum

Groove3 Reaper Explained Tutorial video hosted by Kenny Gioia

If you haven’t tried tried REAPER yet get full version trial here: http://reaper.fm/download.php