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Sunday Jam 01

Sunday Jam is the start of a routine to make music more often.

A little background information:

I started down the path of professional audio engineering and music production after many years of frustration recording my own music. I used to play bass from when I got home from school till I went to sleep. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with a guitar riff in my head and no way of recording it.

These days I spend all day in my DAW working on projects for other people or making tutorials. I look around the studio and think about all the money I’ve spent on instruments that I rarely play.

This first one is just expanding on a recent song sketch, really just a pattern made from various short sounds from my MeeBlip Anode synth. Processed on the buses with Decapitator and in parallel with ValhallaVintageVerb and 2 instances of Tantra.


  1. Grant
    Grant January 21, 2016

    so why doesn’t the mumble plugin work anymore. I was hoping to use it to start hosting jam sessions online

    • Admin
      Admin January 21, 2016

      don’t know what that is

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