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How to transfer photos from a camera to your iPhone in 36 easy steps

As you may already know, I’ve been getting into photography this year, and I’m also pretty active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I share a photo most days and if I want better than iPhone 4 quality, and more control over lighting, aperture etc. then I use my real camera. Getting the photos from the camera to Instagram is a daily struggle.

  1. Remove SD card from camera and insert into Mac
  2. Open iPhoto and import photos, this might take a while
  3. Select a photo, go to the share option and send email
  4. Email the photo to yourself as an attachment
  5. Unlock your iPhone and open the Mail app
  6. Sync your email and open the email with the attached photo
  7. Tap and hold on the image, then choose save image from the menu that appears
  8. You can now share your photo

OK so that’s not 36 steps, but its more than a few and doesn’t that seem needlessly complicated?
Does someone have a better way? Do the cameras or SD cards with WIFI actually simplify this?

Let’s make this music related with a photo I took at Desert Fish Studios in Toronto. Synth porn!


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  1. Dipendra
    Dipendra July 16, 2014

    The best way is to setup up iCloud on your Mac and iPhone. Once you setup a stream, your iPhoto photos will automatically appear in your camera roll on your phone – then you just pick the one you want and import into instagram etc.

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