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Category: Jokes and memes

Video: Dick Wave

Have you ever noticed that waveforms sometimes resemble certain other things? In this video Geoff and Gavin from Rooster Teeth pass the time trying to…

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Video: Labor of Love

Meet Grant Meyers, a foley artist with a real passion for sound.

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How to transfer photos from a camera to your iPhone in 36 easy steps

As you may already know, I’ve been getting into photography this year, and I’m also pretty active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I share a…

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Sound Technician Woman Stock Photo Fail

Here’s a nice photo of a young woman working in a recording studio. Can you spot the problem? Did you get it? She’s not talking…


Cupping the Mic Works Wonders!

Check out the ultimate system for making your band the most regressive on the entire planet: Cupping the Mic Works Wonders!