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Room measurement with IK Multimedia ARC 2

Hey guys, been a while but I’ve finally gotten a day off since my move to new house and studio. I have my studio mostly set up but I’m having some translation issues with my mixes. I made a quick video of the room analysis process using IK Multimedia ARC 2. I’ve had this software for a year and it’s a pain in the ass, but teaches you a lot about your monitoring.

I didn’t feel like narrating it so pay attention to the notes that come up throughout the video.


  1. mikesorensen06
    mikesorensen06 December 20, 2013

    Great set up Jon. Nice looking new place. Are you happy with how you’re bedding in?

    If you love testing like that have you run low frequency tests to hunt your room modes? My colleague Dennis made a set of videos on doing that if you want to take a look. They get sent to you if you sign up to our mailing list. The low frequencies can make you feel kind of sick (so don’t eat lunch before doing it!) but they really help solve low pressure issues in small rooms.

    Anyway hope you are well and looking forward to a great 2014. Happy Christmas to you and your family,

    • Admin
      Admin December 20, 2013

      Hi Mike
      Thanks for the comment.

      I like the room, I’m enjoying the extra space but I don’t think I’ll ever get the isolation from street noise that I need. I’ve done very little recording here, mostly mixing and mastering.

      I’ve done some low frequency testing just playing tones in 1Hz increments and moving around the room a bit. There were some quiet areas just behind the mix position at a few frequencies but I can’t recall what they were specifically. I had to do the testing well above normal mixing volume and stuff seems to be translating decently so maybe I’m ok.

      • mikesorensen06
        mikesorensen06 December 23, 2013

        Hey Jon,

        Translation is the key word. If everything is translating without the room noise, then you are good to go. Isolation from street noise is an issue and barriers that can isolate below 125 Hz. which is what is needed for street noise are expensive. If you are not satisfied with your room sound at any frequency, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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