The DJ Mixer Turned Synthesizer, Fun with Feedback Loops

vestax_mixerToday I found this Vestax DJ mixer with cool transparent orange case for $8. Even though I had no use for it, how could I pass that up!

After a quick test I found that all that was wrong is some missing fader handles and a loose crossfader. During the testing I got the wild idea to create a feedback loop, taking the recording output and connecting back into the inputs. By using the fader, gain, tone controls I was able to manipulate the feedback and get some really interesting results. I recorded from the headphone output into stereo DI to the DAW. Adding some reverb with ValhallaVintageVerb took this to a whole other level. I’m pretty damn happy with this and it might turn into a sample library.

This is another great example of ‘doing it wrong’ that turns out to be something great. I’m into that kind of thing, we’ve actually done 3 episodes of the Home Recording Show with that theme: HRS #119, #120, and #199.

Here’s a clip processed with 40% wet reverb, compression and brickwall limiter.

[audio:|titles=mixer synth demo]

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