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IK Multimedia Announce T-RackS Custom Shop

IK Multimedia have announced T-RackS Custom Shop as well as several new modules for mixing and mastering.

T-RackS Custom Shop is very much the same concept as Amplitube Custom Shop. You can purchase bundles including several of the modules, or grab the free version from the website try out and buy your favorites a-la-carte.

If you already have T-Racks 3 or CSR it is recommended that you log in to your IK account to download T-Racks Custom Shop (version 4). This is the version that will be supported going forward. All your previously purchased modules will be available within CS. BTW, Amplitube and ARC 2 have also been updated today.

New modules announced this week are: Quad Comp Multiband Compressor, Quad Lim Multiband Limiter, Quad Image Stereo Enhancer, De-Esser, and British Channel (SSL Style channel EQ and dynamics). Also available are the four CSR Reverb modules.

I had a feeling this was coming from IK for a while. I’m not terribly excited about these modules, the potential is huge with the new system. My fingers are crossed for an SSL Style VCA Bus compressor, a Space Echo and Chorus, or maybe more unique effects like various saturators/softeners, several tube and transformer emulations you could put in the chain.

I’ll try to get a review of some of the new T-Racks CS stuff soon.




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