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THR’s Composer Roundtable

I came across this interesting discussion on film composing today through a tweet from Diego Stucco. Really cool to see these hugely successful composers talking about finding inspiration, working with directors, emotion and the creative process.

Writing music often is a solitary¬†pursuit, so it was no wonder that when six renowned composers — Marco Beltrami, 46 (The Sessions), Mychael Danna, 54 (Life of Pi), Alexandre Desplat, 51 (Argo, Moonrise Kingdom, Rise of the Guardians, Zero Dark Thirty), Patrick Doyle, 59 (Brave), Danny Elfman, 59 (Frankenweenie, Hitchcock, Promised Land, Silver Linings Playbook), and Fernando Velazquez, 36 (The Impossible) — gathered in one room, they relished the chance to discuss the complexities of their trade as part of THR‘s roundtable series.

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