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10 Reasons we need commercial studios

Over on KVRAudio Chris Halaby is regularly publishing great articles and interviews to his Industry Focus column. His latest post is a list of 10 reasons we need commercial studios and I thought it was worth sharing. With the availability of quality equipment and education these days, there is a ton we can do in home/project studios. Nice to see some solid points why the massive studios are still valid.

Here’s an excerpt:

  1. Commercial studios invest in leading edge technologies. They are required to do this to satisfy demanding clients and compete with other studios at the professional level. This allows clever companies in the Pro Audio industry to continue to develop technologies that the rest of the industry eventually benefits from.
  2. Commercial studios often have large collections of vintage gear. The best studios have microphone collections that project studios can only dream about. Many vintage guitars, pianos, and synthesizers have found their way into commercial studios where they are alive, well maintained, and well recorded when the time comes.
  3. Commercial studios have their own techs. This is huge! Please raise your hand if you spend as much as 20% of your music time trying to figure out what’s broken. The lead tech at the Annex was Roger Weirsima who could fix anything (analog gear, cars, plumbing, washing machines, etc.). I long ago lost track of the number of times I have called him over the years with a technical question or a problem that required his refined soldering skills.
  4. Each project that is done in a commercial studio makes it better. This is true of a project studio as well, but when there are many engineers working on many projects, each project contributes to the knowledge base of the engineers and support people that frequent the studio. Generally there is only one or two people in a project studio, so the experience will be more limited.

Read the rest of the article on KVR Audio


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