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New AudioGeekZine Store Page

Shopping Cart

On the weekend I set up a new store page with better product profiles, shopping cart, order tracking and automatic download delivery. The new system also lets me run sales and give out coupons without having to manually change Paypal buttons.

Check it out here: [mp_products_link] or on the Store button at the top of every page. You can find the shopping cart at the top of the right-sidebar.

There are now “HD” versions of the sample libraries now. The standard version are 24-bit, 44.1kHz (converted from 96kHz source). HD versions are 24-bit, 96kHz. They’ve been separated to make the download delivery easier. The 3 HD products are on sale now for $10 each.

New sample sets are in progress and maybe some other stuff I can’t talk about.


  1. Rob Weber
    Rob Weber August 28, 2012

    Hey, Jon,

    What are you using for your store software-wise? It looks like it works really well. I’m getting tired of my Paypal buttons and soon they won’t cut it any more.

    • Admin
      Admin August 28, 2012

      Hi Rob. I’m using MarketPress Lite plugin. It’s super simple to set up.

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