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Month: January 2012

3 Mid-Side Processing Tricks

In this article I’ll explain how I use Mid-Side processing on stereo sources for practical or creative effects. Mid-Side? Two channels of audio can be…


Video: Bass Guitar Recording Techniques

The final video series on recording techniques from Recording Magazine is on electric bass guitar. This 4-part video demonstrates several microphones, placement and distance, combinations…

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Video: Electric Guitar Recording Techniques

This 4-part video series from Recording Magazine demonstrates mic placement, types, proximity effect, reamping, and much more. Awesome videos, the only complaint is that the…


Video: Acoustic Guitar Recording Techniques

More from Recording Magazine. This is a 5-part video covering mic placement, distance, types, mono and stereo techniques. All the videos Recording Mag has up…


Video: Mid-Side Acoustic Guitar Recording

Recording Magazine produced this excellent video demonstrating how MS works. I can’t embed so CLICK HERE to go to the Recording Mag website with the…


The Big Muff Fuzz Bible

The definitive guide to the vast variety of Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi pedals. This site has a ton of photos and component details, more info…

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