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On Sunday @AllenWagner and @SlauBeSharp got the ball rolling on a meme, it quickly caught on with over a hundred tweets from dozens of people. All the tweets have been copied here with the newest at the top.


(added Oct 5)
PetersonGoodwyn: @jtopherhughes Hah, gives me an idea: “Duplicate a track, flip polarity of one and pan them hard for stereo width.” #badaudioadvice

rossnewbs: If a plug-in doesnt look fancy and nice, it wont sound fancy and nice #BadAudioAdvice

JWFoley: a pair of speaker, a keyboard, a computer & a mic apparently makes a killer studio….#BadAudioAdvice

springclock: A Neumann u87 will totally make you sound like a great singer, no matter your skill level. #BadAudioAdvice

dustyALiVE: @theaudiogeek check out the overhead placement in this kijiji add in kamloops. #BadAudioAdvice

dmcsound: Just turn on the SSL bus comp to fix all your mixes! #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: Oh, I almost forgot – need a great drum sound ? Yeah, there’s an App for that #BadAudioAdvice

yatengotweet: Use your “popper stopper” as a flypaper #BadAudioAdvice

GroundedAudio: if it has VU meters it must sound good. #BadAudioAdvice

(original post below)

alexwintermute: #BadAudioAdvice “This ribbon mic needs phantom power, right?”

audiogav: Feed the drummer’s headphones mix in stereo audience perspective #badaudioadvice

reevesman: @recordinghacks You should shelve your entire mix at 80 hz. Everyone listens on cheap speakers at low bitrates anyway. #BadAudioAdvice

brycezabric: Just add Phantom power to every Mic it makes no difference having it on. You’ll need it eventually anyways. #BadAudioAdvice

AHM_studios: Call your mix engineer a wanker while walking onto stage #BadAudioAdvice

SunnySideSound: We can fix it in post #BadAudioAdvice

brycezabric: If you blow a speaker don’t replace it. It might give you that cool sound you were looking for. #BadAudioAdvice

DoctorMowinckel: #BadAudioAdvice When you’re checking the talkback levels, clap your hands over the talkback mic a few times to make sure they can hear you.

HomeRecLibrary: When looking for comprehensive info on microphones, never listen to @recordinghacks #BadAudioAdvice

MusicRowScott: To ensure your mix translates well to mp3, it is best to convert each individual track of the session to mp3 BEFORE bouncing #BadAudioAdvice

doug_trianglex: It is well-documented that dogs have better hearting than humans. So make sure you run your mix by your dog. #BadAudioAdvice

doug_trianglex: Jagged waveforms are rough and irritate the skin. Use the limiter to make a nice smooth block. #BadAudioAdvice

recordinghacks: Cheap bookshelf speakers are best for mixing, because then you can be sure the mix sounds great on cheap speakers. #BadAudioAdvice

PetersonGoodwyn: Give yourself as many options as possible for mixing. #badaudioadvice

AHM_studios: @recordinghacks lol. oh, now, be fair… It would, if the U87 was modded to sound like a $69 condenser mic 😉 #BadAudioAdvice

recordinghacks: This modded $69 condenser mic sounds *just like* a U87! #BadAudioAdvice

phonetical: We’ve got picture lock! #badaudioadvice

brycezabric: Just keep using destructive record… You don’t need those takes and will get it right eventually. #BadAudioAdvice

alexwintermute: “can’t we just copy and paste instead of double tracking?” #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: To adjust the phase of a track you need an Alan key. #BadAudioAdvice

danskitwit: How to make a Wobble bass sound #BadAudioAdvice

danskitwit: L2 the hell out of everything. #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Roll of the low frequencies the. Roll off the high ones. We only want one frequency. We shall call it Frank. #BadAudioAdvice

alexwintermute: The A&R man wants it mixed in 4 hours #BadAudioAdvice

danskitwit: If you’re on the northern hemisphere, working tracks from the southern hemisphere – remember to flip the phase #BadAudioAdvice

alexwintermute: I want that “pro tools sound” #BadAudioAdvice

alexwintermute: Everything sounds better if you add a limiter on the end #BadAudioAdvice

alexwintermute: It’s ok, we’ll autotune it later #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Pan everything to the right. Right handed people won’t notice the difference and left handed people can go screw themselves. #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Kick the lead singer in the balls. He usually deserves it. #BadAudioAdvice

sonicdeviant: I’m really grateful for all the #BadAudioAdvice out there today; can’t wait to try out some of these “tips” in the studio.

Steve_Mellor: Change the instruments. It doesn’t make the mix better but it’s funny watching a guitar player trying to strum a trumpet. #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Reduce air conditioning noise by recording outside #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Use equipment in new and interesting ways. Try mixing a U87 with a banana milkshake. #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: When compressing the bass use a long attack time and a trash compactor #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Make sure you record electric instruments in rubber gloves #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Use a Pop shield to stop your father interfering. #BadAudioAdvice

cecilnick: Always boost 400 Hz by at least 6 dB. It makes everything better. #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Try different speakers in your studio. Many people have got a great sound from Martin Luther King. #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: Recording to analogue no working? Try another brand of tape. Duck tape works a treat. #BadAudioAdvice

Steve_Mellor: @SlauBeSharp @joegilder avoid bad audio advice on twitter by adjusting the tweeter #BadAudioAdvice – See what I did there?

IndraQ: Mix and put a limiter/maximizer/magneto across the master section n bring it as loud as you can #BadAudioAdvice

theaudiogeek: These photos show the best ways to use a microphone #badaudioadvice

ianshepherd: RTFM #BadAudioAdvice

mariusvandyk: Place the microphones exactly as it shows in the book. #BadAudioAdvice

joegilder: Track as quickly as possible. You can always fix it in the mix. #BadAudioAdvice

theaudiogeek: Your friends and family will give you the most honest and helpful feedback on your mixes. #BadAudioAdvice

mariusvandyk: Crapola in, diamonds out. #BadAudioAdvice

mariusvandyk: If the waveform looks great then the mix also sounds great. #BadAudioAdvice

mrkristopher: Show up late to the recording session, you’ll get that instant rock star respect. #BadAudioAdvice

chriswinter92: Twitter is full of #BadAudioAdvice today. Speaking of which: put the singer as close as can be to the mic, it sounds more realistic/natural.

quiztones: Once you discover the best compressor settings on GearSlutz all of your bad recordings will sound better. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: That “listening from the other room” trick? Absolutely— just make sure your headphone cable is long enough. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Bypassing the capstan & pinch roller and manually winding the take-up reel gives a more natural “groove.” #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: 24-bit is for 24-track recording and 16-bit is for 16-track recording. The Beatles did Abbey Road in 8-bit. #BadAudioAdvice

EmilyMerron: If a client has a suggestion for a mix, it’s best to listen carefully to what they say and take their advice on board. #BadAudioAdvice

CreateMusicPro: If you decide to go tube, make sure the entire chain is tube: Tube mic, tube pre, tube compressor, whatever you can find… #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: If a client has a bad suggestion for a mix, it’s best to be up front & explain just how stupid & uniformed they are. #BadAudioAdvice

CreateMusicPro: To get a phat low end you should layer bass-heavy instruments and boost the combined output with a low shelf. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: It just doesn’t get any more “old school” than a bunch of black face aDATs. #BadAudioAdvice

CreateMusicPro: Pro Tools has become the industry standard because it is clearly superior to every one of its competitors. #BadAudioAdvice

petermcgilldj: Better to not use any EQ to save cpu #badaudioadvice

CreateMusicPro: People will automatically assume you’re an awesome guitarist if you grow a pony tail. #BadAudioAdvice

CreateMusicPro: Your DAW is the most important link in your signal chain. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: When panning, never let the things get lopsided where there’s only sound coming from one speaker. #BadAudioAdvice

keithmmichaud: Do not get a free subscription to TapeOp, whatever you do. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: When building a room, it’s important to make each wall and ceiling the same dimension— it’s all about symmetry, folks. #BadAudioAdvice

EmilyMerron: So long as the needles are kicking, there’s no real need to monitor the mix. #BadAudioAdvice

JamieVoice: Take the grill off a 58, hey presto, 57! #BadAudioAdvice

CreateMusicPro: If you can’t get a decent mix with the gear you have, upgrading to fancy converters will dramatically improve the quality. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: If you’re using NS-10s, you shouldn’t. Send them to @slaubesharp #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: CoQ10 is the new replacement for the NS-10 (Something for my health food homies) #BadAudioAdvice

jakewillson: Don’t worry about that standby swicth on your valve amp… Just flick it on. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Playing back a mix on several speakers simultaneously will give a realistic picture of how it’ll sound on EVERY speaker. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: It’s OK to have several pairs of monitors to check your mix, but always check your headphones for the true picture. #BadAudioAdvice

RyanDJWalker: If you want to really impress a girl, play a Nickelback song. #BadAudioAdvice

keithmmichaud: “The sound quality of this Mp3 is way better than the WAV.”(this was actually said to me at a studio) #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Taking a mold of your inner ear with epoxy resin is way, way more accurate. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: No matter what you do, don’t ever listen to the #HomeRecordingShow. #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: PS – At all costs IGNORE @joegilder #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: And while you’re at it, unsubscribe from my newsletter ;-p #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: DO NOT listen the PSN podcast ( #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: If you love recording subscribe to the sessionsWithslau podcast. There will be a new episode out any day now. #BadAudioAdvice

CreateMusicPro: Don’t worry about setting up the boom stand properly. If it topples the shock mount will help cushion the mic. #BadAudioAdvice

keithmmichaud: There’s no such thing as latency, thats just a new delay we’re trying out… #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Most engineers forget to flip the phase on mixes that are meant to be heard in Australia. Little known fact. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: GearSlutz is a great place to find definitive answers to your pro audio questions. #BadAudioAdvice

KatieTavini: Always listen to the bands mic placement suggestions #badaudioadvice

allenwagner: It’s best to master your own songs. No one but you knows better how they should sound. #BadAudioAdvice

DynamicRangeDay: The Loudness Wars are irrelevant these days, with good enough tools you can make it as loud as you want #BadAudioAdvice

matcochr: Be open to new arrangement ideas. No song ever went wrong when they added more banjo. #BadAudioAdvice

EmilyMerron: Scratchy sounding string section? More reverb! #BadAudioAdvice

EmilyMerron: Scratchy sounding string section? More reverb! #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: remember, the Inverse Square Law simply states that a square wave, when inverted, becomes a sine wave— simple. #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: Software is just as good as hardware #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: Hardware just sounds better than software #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: Dither is for wimps #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Remember, phantom power in Europe is twice the voltage of that in the States. #badAudioAdvice

matcochr: recording sounds distorted in any way, try adding more plate reverb. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: If your ears ring after a gig, just think of it as a super, super, ridiculously long reverb tail. #BadAudioAdvice

EmilyMerron: You definitely won’t need more than about an hour recording time per track. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: You know you’re a pro when you can hear a 1db cut at 22kz. #BadAudioAdvice

matcochr: If your Studer A80 mkII isn’t quite sounding retro enough, you probably haven’t poured enough cola into the tape mechanism. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Don’t let the tree huggers scare you: heavy metals are good for audio. That’s why the British use lead in their cables. #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: The secret of analogue warmth is saturation plugins #BadAudioAdvice

Abletonvids: If the waveform isn’t squared off, it isn’t loud enough. #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: No-one can hear clipping distortion anyway #BadAudioAdvice

matcochr: If your mix isn’t sounding warm enough try soaking all your audio cables in hot banana custard for ten minutes. #BadAudioAdvice

EmilyMerron: There’s no point wasting session time getting good mic placement, you can sort all that out in post! #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: A project will always be better if there’s a “pahdoosa” involved. Dope beats don’t hurt either. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: Just like old tube gear, it’s best to leave your DAW computer on all the time. It’s keeps the sound “warm” and “phat”. #BadAudioAdvice

Milerky2: Buying ProTools makes you a professional audio mixer. The more you spend the better your mixes will be! #BadAudioAdvice

analoguebaby: Filter everything below 1Khz #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: Never check phase. That’s a dead giveaway you’re a n00b. #BadAudioAdvice

Abletonvids: Pros ONLY use Pro Tools #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: Always use as many mics as possible #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: These days, you really want to be mixing and mastering for iPod earbuds #BadAudioAdvice

Abletonvids: Boosting the mids makes every instrument sound better. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: All engineers in the UK think it’s spelled “analogue”. #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: Analogue sounds better than digital #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: Digital sounds better than analogue #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: Before sending a track off to mastering use a brickwall limiter, get everything as close to 0 as possible. Ian loves that. #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: You can fix almost anything in the mix #BadAudioAdvice

CreateMusicPro: Don’t worry if the meters are clipping ’cause there’s some floating point computer thingy that will take care of it. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: Always check the phase of mics against the current phase of the moon. This site should help: #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: Twitter is the place for definitive answers to your toughest audio questions. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Use duct tape instead of gaffer tape when securing a ribbon mic to the guitarists right hand. #BadAudioAdvice

Mikehillier: Make sure your un-mastered mix is as loud as the reference track. #BadAudioAdvice

Mikehillier: Just put a ’57 on it. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: @RonanCMurphy Hey, my pleasure to share the vast amount of audio knowledge I’ve acquired from the Internet. #BadAudioAdvice 😉

SlauBeSharp: F=V x π #BadAudioAdvice

EmilyMerron: Ribbon mics sound great in front of a kick drum #BadAudioAdvice

Milerky2: Staple mics to the drummer’s head for a good stereo drum image. Don’t worry, they won’t feel it if you sneak up on them. #BadAudioAdvice

PetersonGoodwyn: Start every session by shooting out all of your gear for every source #badaudioadvice

SlauBeSharp: OK, Sonar users— just a joke. I take it back. Use Digital Performer #BadAudioAdvice Zing!

theaudiogeek: Never wash your hands, in fact, add oil to your fingers before playing guitar or bass #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Moving coil mics always work more efficiently when facing magnetic north. #BadAudioAdvice (

SlauBeSharp: Sure egg crates do nothing for diffusion— if they have no eggs in them— duh! #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Used Kleenex tissues stuffed in paper bags make EXCELLENT bass traps. #BadAudioAdvice

facesake: Use maximum compression and minimum headroom on your input signal to avoid having to buy expensive rack compressors #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Save absolutely no room for anyone else on the Internet. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Just getting the vocalist a little drunk before the first take eliminates the need for warmups. #BadAudioAdvice

KateSherrod: Would be recorders/audiophiles, check out @SlaubeSharp’s awesome #BadAudioAdvice

hackerhaus: @allenwagner No, Britney… you won’t need AutoTune for this one… #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: The more mics on the drums, of course, the bigger the sound— duh! #BadAudioAdvice

EmilyMerron: A dynamic range of around 5dB is suitable for most recordings #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Use only the most expensive Monster cable you can possibly afford. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: A perfectly flat wall yields the flattest frequency response because it reflects all frequencies evenly. #BadAudioAdvice

dylanseals: All mic cables sound the same. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Checking your e-mail while doing a bounce helps the dithering process. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Use Sonar. #BadAudioAdvice

tuukkao: Bass should never be panned center. #BadAudioAdvice (I’ve been given this advice once)

SlauBeSharp: All connections in a studio should be balanced— especially the speaker cable. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: You never need to flip phase on an omni mic because they pick up from all directions. #BadAudioAdvice

Milerky2: @allenwagner Put the guitar cabs in the room with the drummer. The bleed helps glue the tracks together. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: Like yellow speed signs, VU meters are only a suggestion. #BadAudioAdvice

thenoiseroom: We’ll fix it in the mix. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Positively charged ions in smoke help sound waves penetrate condenser diaphragms— the more smoke, the better. #BadAudioAdvice

dylanseals: Expensive pre-amps are not important. Just buy the best tube microphone you can afford. #BadAudioAdvice

HomeRecLibrary: Always use a D112 on the kick. #BadAudioAdvice (@theaudiogeek only)

HomeRecLibrary: Stand in the middle of the room & clap, you want to hear several echos. The more you hear the more lively the recording. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Deaden your room as much as possible, preferably with 1″ foam. #BadAudioAdvice

allenwagner: Never pan anything hard left or hard right. It’s bad for your converters. #BadAudioAdvice

BluesGuitarPlus: Always compress everything on the way in. #BadAudioAdvice

SlauBeSharp: Remember, in the digital domain, make sure you record as close to 0 dB as possible. #BadAudioAdvice


  1. Dylan
    Dylan October 4, 2011

    Bwahaha some hilarious advice/misconceptions here…my favourite experience has to be a drummer who believed that Joey Jordison got his drum sound by leaving his drumkit at the bottom of a pool for a month…needless to say I kept the cover on the studio pool for that session..

  2. James
    James October 5, 2011

    How about this. “For a full rich acoustic guitar sound, put a cardioid, SDC right in from of the strings (sound hole) to get the most balanced sound.” #BadAudioAdvice

  3. Lucas
    Lucas October 7, 2011

    If you take any sound and feed it through a guitar amp sim plugin, it will sound like a guitar because it’s simulating the sound of guitar through an amp. #BadAudioAdvice

    Take the output of your high end mic pre and feed it to the input of your mic pre. Make sure you turn up the gain to the max. #BadAudioAdvice

    Grab the most expensive piece of microphone and outboard gear and record/process everything underwater for the most realistic under-water flange effect. #BadAudioAdvice

    The Roland Micro Cube. Best. Amp. Ever. #BadAudioAdvice

    Hey my name is “Controversy”…. #BadAudioAdvice

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