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Month: October 2011


Last week, myself and PetersonGoodwyn ( and shared almost 100 of our top REAPER tips.

Day 1

#REAPER tip: My custom theme is based on RADO 4 with transport moved to top Get RADO:

#REAPER tip: User themes can be further customized using the track and mixer layout options (bottom of options menu) in Reaper 4.

#REAPER tip: User themes can be further customized using the track and mixer layout options (bottom of options menu) in Reaper 4.

#REAPER tip: 1 of my most used mouse modifiers is for Media Item Dbl click. I assign cmd+opt+ctrl to “open media item in external editor”

#REAPER tip: The external editor I find most useful is iZotope RX2. Assign any program from “External Editor” tab of preferences

#REAPER tip: You can drag a plugin from the FX browser onto a media item to process just that file.

#REAPER tip: Enable the “FX” and “No FX” view option for media items for easy access to item fx inserts. (prefs>appearance>media)

#REAPER tip: got a p-pop in dialog? Split the audio before and after the pop, insert ReaEQ on the item with HPF at 150Hz. No pop!

#REAPER tip: “Overlap items and crossfade items when splitting” in the Media Item Defaults preferences is essential for fast editing.

#REAPER tip: tweak “Media item peaks edge highlight” colors in the theme editor to improve visibility for editing.

#REAPER tip: (continued) I use neon green/pink or black/white (saved as different themes) depending on what I’m editing.

#REAPER tip: The esc key will close whichever floating window is active. Way faster than the mouse.

#REAPER tip: Track Folders handles subgroup routing and organization in one click.

#REAPER tip: Use the ReaInsert VST to integrate external hardware effects just like plugins, with delay compensation.



On Sunday @AllenWagner and @SlauBeSharp got the ball rolling on a meme, it quickly caught on with over a hundred tweets from dozens of people. All the tweets have been copied here with the newest at the top.


(added Oct 5)
PetersonGoodwyn: @jtopherhughes Hah, gives me an idea: “Duplicate a track, flip polarity of one and pan them hard for stereo width.” #badaudioadvice

rossnewbs: If a plug-in doesnt look fancy and nice, it wont sound fancy and nice #BadAudioAdvice

JWFoley: a pair of speaker, a keyboard, a computer & a mic apparently makes a killer studio….#BadAudioAdvice

springclock: A Neumann u87 will totally make you sound like a great singer, no matter your skill level. #BadAudioAdvice

dustyALiVE: @theaudiogeek check out the overhead placement in this kijiji add in kamloops. #BadAudioAdvice

dmcsound: Just turn on the SSL bus comp to fix all your mixes! #BadAudioAdvice

ianshepherd: Oh, I almost forgot – need a great drum sound ? Yeah, there’s an App for that #BadAudioAdvice

yatengotweet: Use your “popper stopper” as a flypaper #BadAudioAdvice

GroundedAudio: if it has VU meters it must sound good. #BadAudioAdvice

(original post below)

alexwintermute: #BadAudioAdvice “This ribbon mic needs phantom power, right?”

audiogav: Feed the drummer’s headphones mix in stereo audience perspective #badaudioadvice

reevesman: @recordinghacks You should shelve your entire mix at 80 hz. Everyone listens on cheap speakers at low bitrates anyway. #BadAudioAdvice

brycezabric: Just add Phantom power to every Mic it makes no difference having it on. You’ll need it eventually anyways. #BadAudioAdvice

AHM_studios: Call your mix engineer a wanker while walking onto stage #BadAudioAdvice

SunnySideSound: We can fix it in post #BadAudioAdvice

brycezabric: If you blow a speaker don’t replace it. It might give you that cool sound you were looking for. #BadAudioAdvice

DoctorMowinckel: #BadAudioAdvice When you’re checking the talkback levels, clap your hands over the talkback mic a few times to make sure they can hear you.

HomeRecLibrary: When looking for comprehensive info on microphones, never listen to @recordinghacks #BadAudioAdvice

MusicRowScott: To ensure your mix translates well to mp3, it is best to convert each individual track of the session to mp3 BEFORE bouncing #BadAudioAdvice

doug_trianglex: It is well-documented that dogs have better hearting than humans. So make sure you run your mix by your dog. #BadAudioAdvice

doug_trianglex: Jagged waveforms are rough and irritate the skin. Use the limiter to make a nice smooth block. #BadAudioAdvice

recordinghacks: Cheap bookshelf speakers are best for mixing, because then you can be sure the mix sounds great on cheap speakers. #BadAudioAdvice

PetersonGoodwyn: Give yourself as many options as possible for mixing. #badaudioadvice