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In Flames in the studio 2011

In Flames is a great metal band from Sweden. On their YouTube channel they’ve posted 6 short documentaries on the progress of their 6th studio album. There’s not a lot of techniques to see but there is some discussion of the production and lots of nice gear to see and hear.







  1. Brell
    Brell July 2, 2011

    It should say “In Flames *WERE* great metal band from Sweden.”!!!!

  2. Fillippos
    Fillippos July 3, 2011

    Hey Brell, it’s problem..:)

  3. online mastering
    online mastering July 10, 2011

    Nice promo video, whether they still exist or not seems like their production and engineering team new their onions, sounded tight even on youtube.

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