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AGZ Rewind – Our Best of 2010

Wow, what a year.

Here are of our favorite and most popular posts from 2010

01/21/10: The Audio Recording Podcaster Roundtable 2010

02/09/10: Mixing Tip – Delay instead of reverb

02/23/10: 10 reasons why home studios suck

03/12/10: Top 10 Free Pro Tools RTAS Plugins

03/28/10: Drum Damping Techniques

04/20/10: An Epic Free Webinar on getting great home recordings

04/22/10: Learning REAPER – Resources & Help

05/03/10: Editing to tighten performance

05/11/10: Novation Nocturn Keyboard + Automap standard Review

07/02/10: Synthesizer Basics – Lesson 1

07/06/10: Exclusive interview with music producer Joey Sturgis

07/16/10: Synthesizer Basics – Lesson 2

07/17/10: The History of the Shure SM57

08/06/10: Pro Tools & Windows 7 optimization

08/07/10: Synthesizer Basics – Lesson 3

08/12/10: Neve 1073: The History of Awesome

08/25/10: Checking drum tracks for phase issues

09/19/10: The History of The Roland TR-808

09/28/10: How to mic anything

10/02/10: The “Simple Math” Myth of Sample Rate Conversion

11/04/10: Comb Filtering Demonstrated

11/09/10: Why I’m not upgrading to Pro Tools 9…yet

11/17/10: Guitar Recording – Old Vs New strings

Some highlights from my life in case you’re interested

– loads of drum editing

– The store/studio I worked for closed and changed owners and is still running online.

– Made some great recordings with the band Cardinal Chase

– Moved to the opposite side of the continent, from Mississauga Ontario to Vancouver British Columbia.

– Waited about 2 months for most of my studio gear to arrive.

– The site went down again when Bluehost lost all my files again.

– Met Dave Chick, Derek K. Miller from Inside Home Recording

– Started the Vancouver Home Recording Group on

– Met Slau from Sessions with Slau

– The birth of our baby girl, Alice.

– Really dug into REAPER and made it my main DAW.

– New gear! True Systems P-Solo, several mics, LaCie Quadra D2, Novation Nocturn49, Ampeg BA112, Universal Audio UAD-1 PCIe, TC Electronic Level Pilot, THD Hotplate, and too much software to count.


  1. Mike F
    Mike F February 23, 2011

    Hey Jon – You’ve given such great reviews of your equipment – I see you are using the True Systems P-solo – I am looking for a single or double channel pre for vocals, bass, guitar – how is this treating you? How would you place this among other similar pres? Thanks.

    • Jon
      Jon February 23, 2011

      Hi Mike
      I still love the P-Solo and will get another when the time comes. It’s very clean with lots of gain, the one large knob makes it dead simple to use. Direct guitar and bass are cleaner with a tighter low end than in my Profire 2626 preamps.
      Cleanest preamp you can get for less than $1k. For something with nice color and lots of options, the two channel ART MPA is really not bad at all. The Pre73 is a great Neve style pre for cheap, very different from the P-Solo by design and the one to go with if you don’t want transparency.

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