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Introducing PT Tuts – Essential Pro Tools Training

PT Tuts is an awesome new Pro Tools training course created by Chris Bryant. This is a complete and comprehensive training product for absolute beginners to intermediate Pro Tools users.

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Key Features

  • Hours of Pro Tools Training Videos
  • Access to Member Community
  • Text Based Articles
  • Illustrated Tutorials
  • 165 Page QuickStart PDF Guide
  • QuickStart Tutorial Pro Tools Sessions
  • Membership Bonuses
  • One Year Membership

Chris gave me a chance to see the first few modules of his course and it did not disappoint! I’ve seen over a hundred hours of online Pro Tools training and this is among the very best in quality. Large, clear videos with clean audio; excellent clear narration by Chris; and a ton of content covering everything you need to know. One great aspect of this course is that the massive amount of content is not just dumped on you. Each week new articles and videos are unlocked giving you time to learn and really understand each concept before moving on.

Now because I’ve  seen over a hundred hours of PT vids, went through a year of training including ProSchool 110 certification and 5 years of almost daily use, this particular product doesn’t give me a lot I haven’t seen before. It’s aimed at beginner to intermediate users, I’m probably closer to the Guru status at this point. Having gone through all that, I’ve got pretty high standards when it comes to PT Training, this product is in another league above the rest. I wish this was available a few years ago as a supplement to my PT training in school, this is actually much better than what I paid hundreds more for. I’m being as honest as possible here.

I recommend this course for:

  • New Pro Tools users (less than 1yr frequent use or 2yr occasional use)
  • Anyone that wants a solid foundation of knowledge for Pro Tools Operation
  • Anyone that’s NOT interested in becoming an engineer, but needs to know Pro Tools
  • Anyone thinking about going to recording school and wants a jump start on PT (I wish I had this when I was in school)

At the regular price of $129, I’d say this is a fantastic deal. At the current introductory special price of $97 (or 3x $39), well it’s a no-brainer!

If you’re thinking of signing up for this course please purchase through these links as they will help support AudioGeekZine, otherwise go to

Multipay Monthly $39

All Access Membership $97

If you have any questions about the course leave a comment below.


  1. Lisa Simons
    Lisa Simons August 10, 2011

    Hi there,

    I was pretty adept at PT when we did our first album a few years ago (using drum loops). It was PT 6.something and now I have PT 8 and am very rusty! I feel like I don’t really have a handle on it and have been watching lots of tutorials for specific questions – some have been helpful. I am now using more midi and have e drums that i want to incorporate. I can play drums not too badly, but am sorely lacking in the knowledge of midi editing and quantizing.

    I feel a bit lost and need to make better use of my time!. To make things worse, in the meantime I purchased logic express 9 which I’ve also been trying to learn. (i got a groove 3 tut for this)

    Sooooo, I could use some advice on the best way to go for tutorials.

    I also got BFD about 6 years ago and was unable to use it with my computer at the time. I now have a mac and apparantly my BFD is now not compatible! I can upgrade for $200, but who knows if it’ll like it! I’ve also wondered about Strike, EZ drummer and the like – something I can combine with my kit to make decent drum tracks.

    As you may be able to tell, this is driving me crazy and I need to get recording and not torturing myself like this!

    PLEASE, any help will be much appreciated!!

  2. Matt blue
    Matt blue February 12, 2012

    What is the status of your course and prices ?

    Thank you.

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