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Weekly Tweetdump 35

Here’s what @theaudiogeek said this week:

  • Spent most of the day making useful FX presets with Amplitube x-gear. Time to rest my ears now.
  • @gmgranka I’ve heard it’s decent for the price…depends on the price. [in response to: Anybody have any experience with the ADKVienna mic?]
  • Exclusive interview with upcoming superstar engineer/producer Joey Sturgis @joeyismusic coming next week.
  • Oh no! What a terrible problem to have. RT @ihazadoodle: @theaudiogeek I have sooo many tits, where am i going to put them all?
  • New AGZ post: Synthesizer Basics – Lesson 1
  • Ask @Mixerman RT @TomDavenport: ANyone know who mixerman is?
  • New Podcast – Home Recording show 81 – Synth basics and doubling guitars.
  • Just about done editing the newest HRS podcast…

A discussion on Firewire breaks out!

Joe Gilder – I really don’t like firewire 800. If you LOOK at the cable wrong it disconnects. Now where did I put my crazy glue?

Randy Coppinger -@joegilder But FW 800 is so fast.

Joe Gilder – @RandyCoppinger Not when it’s daisy-chained to FW400 devices. As long as the 003 is FW400, my system will only be 400-fast.

Randy Coppinger – @joegilder I make a point NOT to daisy-chain out of kind. FW 800 isn’t stable enough for recording, but it is BITCHIN’ for transfers.

theaudiogeek – @RandyCoppinger but if you have a Macbook Pro (like me) or an iMac (like Joe) you don’t have a choice. Not that I have issues with it.

Randy Coppinger – @theaudiogeek Granted. I’m lucky. At work I record to an 8TB SAN via fiber. I run out of DSP long before the drive buss craps out.

theaudiogeek – @RandyCoppinger I’ve been editing drums off the MBP desktop (5400rpm!) in REAPER with no lag. Unheard of with PT and its stupid fade files.

Randy Coppinger – @theaudiogeek Fade files go all the way back to Sound Designer! Of all the legacy paths still in use, that one takes the cake.

  • iZotope plugins have been updated. Go get them.
  • Kenny Gioia is a REAPER user? Didn’t see that coming.
  • @Dubwax I’ve recently noticed and I’m starting to enjoy working in REAPER most of the time. certain things are still clunkycompared to PT [in response to: REAPER is extremely underestimated.]

And suddenly a discussion on USB3 and latency

theaudiogeek – Alright recording world. Who’s gonna be the first with a USB 3 audio interface? Won’t be AVID. Maybe RME.

Joshua Conti -@theaudiogeek hate to say it but it’ll behringer (cringe!)

Ben Brasile -@theaudiogeek Even with the speed of USB3 I feel like I’d still prefer my audio on FireWire.

Monkeypusher69 -@theaudiogeek do we really need the extra speed of usb 3 for audio? i mean there is a reason no one really makes Firewire 800 interfaces

theaudiogeek – @monkeypusher69 yes absolutely I think the extra speed is needed. Absolutely, no doubt. FW 800 – Why wasn’t it developed? I’d love to know.

theaudiogeek -@monkeypusher69 You think FW400 is good enough? Its not at all.We have the technology to make latency a bad dream, it’s not being developed.

Monkeypusher69 -@theaudiogeek that the pipeline that fw 400/usb2 provides is more than sufficient. I just assumed thats y there is still no fw800 interfaces

Monkeypusher69 -@theaudiogeek i didn’t but there are egineers who build this stuff who says it could be fixed with drivers and modern computers

Monkeypusher69 -@theaudiogeek i think part of the fw800 problem is that its mostly only supported on macs & most cards like 2 b cross platform

  • @Steve_Hamann RE:Firewire You’ve gotta go with SIIG or ADS. La Cie or Belkin would be good other options if they have TI chips (they should) [in response to: Twitterfolk, can anyone recommend a reliable PCIe firewire card, to be used w/ an audio interface? I think my onboard firewire may be poo.]
  • Great article Bran! RT @recordingreview: Blogged How To Waste $10,000 On Recording Gear You Don’t Like: –
  • @sonicidiot interacting with me on Twitter has earned you a subscriber of your blog. Also you seem interesting so congrats on those.
  • @sonicidiot she’s having my baby who likes to kick and spin around in there.[in response to: @theaudiogeek not sure what that is all about but its funny on this end.]
  • And she’s paying her own way through college. RT @ihazadoodle:Our baby better be really damn cute because she’s a tiny littlejerk!
  • Underemployed engineer/blogger? Not in my house! RT @ihazadoodle:@theaudiogeekaww, you’re mean! What if she wants to do what Daddy does?
  • New AGZ post: Interview with Relic The Oddity
  • @gmgranka<3 <3 [ in response to: writing/editing an interview for@theaudiogeek.I hope this finally wins his love for me.]
  • New AGZ post: Weekly Tweetdump 34

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