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Weekly Tweetdump 26

A week of Twitter activity from @theaudiogeek.

  • RT @Chris_Randall: Sigh. Avid buys Euphonix. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
  • I heard something I mixed after mastering from an online service. I immediately tried to null it with Ozone presets.
    • @sonicdeviant it didn’t null…they must have better presets 😉 Sounded the same but mostly louder. -10dB RMS for a piano+vocal track. [in response to: @theaudiogeek Did nulling it work? Did it sound good?]
    • @sonicdeviant yeah. I’m just so wary of flat fee internet based mastering. [in response to: @theaudiogeek -10 dB RMS isn’t too bad. Still pretty dynamic these days. Glad it didn’t null…you probably would’ve been ticked. :D]
  • I wonder how many followers I’ll lose by constantly tweeting to my wife…1363 now.
  • Oh shit…. wife on Twitter now. Welcome @ihazadoodle LAWL best name evar!
  • About to succumb to my gearlust for a Nocturn 49 someone talk me out of it
    • [reply from Sonic Valentine] @theaudiogeek ummm… don’t get that really friggin’ cool midi controller?
    • [reply from Nick Meade] @theaudiogeek No, No… You deserve the Nocturn 49…. (He said slithering away….)
    • [reply from Rupert Brown]  @theaudiogeek if your going to get automap sure you dont want a device with lcd readouts for each parameter? (thats the best I can do sorry)
  • Check out sometime to understand that previous tweet.
  • devoted Whimsicle Fuckery enthusiast
  • New AGZ post: What’s new in FL Studio 9.1
  • I might try to buy those from you. RT @rodger_brennan: @theaudiogeek I have a couple 6072a tubes available
  • Anyone have a spare 6072a tube?
  • New AGZ post: The “Rule Of Thirds” applied to mixing
  • Today I’m going to track down the intermittent noise with my tube mic. Cable or tube?
  • @RandyCoppinger intermittent sputtering low level static or fizz. Mic on for at least 30 minutes.
  • RT @joeyismusic: Check this video out — A Plea For Purging – Great Job…
  • RT @bobbyowsinski: The Secret Of The Abbey Road Reverb. It’s a trick that everyone can use. #musicians #musicproducers
  • @PodcastHelper Just put an EQ before the reverb on the FX return. cut off the highs, cut off the lows. [in response to:

    @theaudiogeek very cool, how do u apply this is effect (re: Abbey Road reverb) within your editing tool or without gear? software only. thx]
  • RT @chuck_russom: RT @designingsound: Chuck Russom Special: Exclusive Interview – #sounddesign #gameaudio
  • I’ve been getting this stupid PT error message a lot lately. Every other time I launch it.
  • someone help this poor guy RT @joeyismusic: 7500 hz coming through my hi-z devices. Help!
  • RT @musformation: Get Berklee’s Free Music Business Handbook PDF #music #musicians
  • Haven’t seen the fail whale in a long time…
  • Tracking drums next weekend for Cardinal Chase

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