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3 Useful iPhone apps for producers and audio engineers

I made for The REAPER Blog a while ago and I think it fits in on this blog as well.


Today I’m showing you 3 of my most used apps on my iPhone for audio engineering/production. Not beat making apps but super useful utilities for speaker calibration, guitar tuning and tap tempo.


PolyTune by TC Electronic
Get it in the iTunes app store
One of the best acoustic guitar tuners I’ve found and the polyphonic mode is really slick.

Decibel 10th by SkyPaw
Get it in the iTunes app store
I use this to keep a consistent monitoring level for mixing and mastering. Send pink noise out of REAPER, set speaker volume to desired SPL shown on the app.

MetroTimer by ONYX Apps
Get it in the iTunes app store
After trying several metronome apps I’ve found this one to be the best. Tap tempo, multiple sounds, flashlight blinking, and practice timer features make this a must for practicing and recording.

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  1. Tmgstudios
    Tmgstudios February 23, 2022

    Thanks for the tips , I just checked out the metronome

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