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Tag: Joe Gilder

HSC Production Club is now open

Joe Gilder has just opened up his great HSC Production Club course. The Production Club is an 18 week course covering all aspects of producing…


Guest Post: Spec Sheets vs the Real World

This is a guest post by Joe Gilder at Home Studio Corner. You can find him on Twitter @joegilder, Facebook.

Spec Sheets vs the Real World

“Well, it says here on the spec sheet that this microphone goes to 30 kHz, but THIS one goes to 40 kHz.”
“So the second one is better, right?”
“Can you even hear 30 or 40 kHz?”
“Well…no, but the second one’s gotta be better.”

Does that conversation sound familiar? Have you been on one end of a conversation like that before? I have. When I worked in audio retail, I used to have those types of conversations all the time. It was always the same type of customer, too. He would research for weeks, even months, before buying anything.