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Guest Post: Spec Sheets vs the Real World

This is a guest post by Joe Gilder at Home Studio Corner. You can find him on Twitter @joegilder, Facebook.

Spec Sheets vs the Real World

“Well, it says here on the spec sheet that this microphone goes to 30 kHz, but THIS one goes to 40 kHz.”
“So the second one is better, right?”
“Can you even hear 30 or 40 kHz?”
“Well…no, but the second one’s gotta be better.”

Does that conversation sound familiar? Have you been on one end of a conversation like that before? I have. When I worked in audio retail, I used to have those types of conversations all the time. It was always the same type of customer, too. He would research for weeks, even months, before buying anything.


Sweetwater Just Ticked Me Off – A message from Brandon Drury

My friend Brandon just posted this on Recording Review.  I fully agree with him. I actually work in Pro Audio sales, I hate phoning people…


Skullcandy TI Headphones Review

My main pair of headphones are Audio Technica ATH-M30s. Awesome tracking headphones, very durable, long thick cord, great sound, but unfortunately fatiguing to wear for longer than 30 minutes, they really compress your cartilage. This makes them less than ideal for casual listening.

I’ve been interested in Skullcandy headphones since the first time I saw them in the trendy overpriced surf shop I sometimes go in. They look pretty cool, they are nicely packaged, the price however kept me from buying them. Until now.

Last weekend I finally broke down and bought the TI model headphones.

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