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Tubescreamer shootout part 2 – free options

I was convinced to add all the free plugin options to the shootout. So I’ve downloaded several more plugins and ran them through the same test.

There are several free options currently available: TSE Audio TSE808, Ignite Amps TS-999, Ignite Amps TSB-01, Skreamer module in Guitar Rig 5 Player, Screamer module in POD Farm 2 Free, and Greener module in Peavey ReValver HPse (free for Addictive Drums users).

I made clips of 3 different knob settings for each:
Setting 1 is 0% gain, 50% tone, 50% level (no boost, just tighter lows)
Setting 2 is all knobs at 50% (medium clipping distortion)
Setting 3 is all knobs at 100% (lots of distortion, boosted highs and boosted ouput level)

Download all clips

POD Farm Screamer


Ignite TS-999

Ignite TSB-01 “Tyrant Screamer” (boost off)

Guitar Rig Skreamer

ReValver Greener (out level was set to +12dB in the last clip but can go up to +32dB)

Reviewing the sounds
I’m still not liking PODFarm much at all. Guitar Rig’s Skreamer is pretty aggressive in a good way. The TSE-808 sounds nearly identical to my TS7 pedal but with no noise. Both of the Ignite plugins sounded good to me also. Some of these plugins offer some additional features to tweak the sound, input and output buffers, EQ, asymmetrical clipping, germainium diode clipping and more. I think my favorite out of these would be the TSE-808.

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