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iOS Music Making

As you may have heard, I recently got an iPhone. Suddenly apps, accessories and bunch of other distractions have become part of my life. I tried to ignore this stuff for a long time but now that I have an iPhone I’m really happy all the audio peripherals and apps are available.

Today I just want to bring your attention to a few related items.

I recently invited Dan Comerchero, creator of the Quiztones App and Obi Marroquin from IK Multimedia to be guests on the Home Recording Show Podcast.  We had a great chat about using iphones and ipads in the studio and our favorite apps. Check out Show 166 – IOS Music Making and more

A few days after that I wrote a guest post for The Pro Audio Files, 12 Ways to Use Your iDevice in the Studio.  Go there to see the list, and a ton more cool articles.

Lastly, if you’re into iOS music making, get yourself to iDesignSound, particularly to their staff favorites list at the bottom of each page. There are so many audio apps, iDesign sound has reviewed a ton of them and created a database to help you wade through all the apps and hardware. If you want to go deeper, they link to many other resources.


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