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DECAPITATED – Carnival Is Forever Studio Report 2011

In this video we see the Tech-Death Metal band Decapitated in the studio making their 2011 album Carnival Is Forever.

The album was recorded by “Malta” Malczewski at RG Studios in Poland. Daniel Bergstrand makes an appearance for the drum recording, he also mixed the album.

There are some interesting things to see in here

  • Using a piano as a kick drum baffle
  • SM7B and RE20 attached together to mic the snare drum
  • Lots of Neumann U87s around the drum kit
  • A big pile of amps and cabs for guitars
  • Combining amps to get a brutal tone
  • the ‘submarine’ sound
  • clanky bass
  • Vocals miked with Shure SM7B and Brauner Phantom


  1. Mike Sorensen
    Mike Sorensen May 24, 2012

    Oh man – love the effort that went into the sub kick. I should ship them some of the new drum diffusion technology I’ve been designing. It would help sort that out without going to those lengths (although would be less fun – reminds me of building a den as a kid!).

    Hope you’re well Jon.


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