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Let's talk predelay

While I was watching the excellent Reverb Explained video from Groove3 I was thinking about predelay and thought it would be interesting to poll the community on the subject.
What do you do with reverb predelay? Leave a comment.

Watching Groove3’s Reverb Explained video. only 15 min in and I’m missing digidesign d-verb. Great tutorial.
How much pre-delay do you guys use? I usually keep it pretty short, 20ms or less.

RT @Julian_RedOne: tempo dependant

RT @DanHodd: depends, If i’m looking for clarity, anywhere from 5-30ms. some cool effects though when you push into slap delay territory

RT @joenewham: depends, I’m like you for the most part but I find snare drums benefit from a little longer on a reverb w/ lots of body to it

@bomusicprod predelay pushes the verb further away making the source seem closer. generally speaking.

RT @ruffmixstudio: Usually <60ms depending on source // How much pre-delay do you guys use? I usually keep it pretty short, 20ms or less.

RT @JasonMiller0607:Very depends. 15-20 on short stuff. 60-80 for long stuff. Maybe over 100 for slow ballads.

of course but u must have some of your own rules RT @Sam_Houghton: @theaudiogeek that depends on a lot of things!

RT @DoctorMowinckel: I use whatever works. Every mix is different. If 200ms of delay sounds bitchin’, I’ll use 200ms of delay.

RT @Sam_Houghton: around 15-20 might be a good default value to start at!

RT @tyehuntfitz: for a vocal I use between 60-95.

RT @juliusmauranen: Anything between 0 and 120ms. When I want it to stick out I look for a sweet spot. Otherwise it’s tempo variable.

RT @BergtoneMusic: it totally depends for me. Sometimes none, sometimes over 160ms. Depends on the track/tempo and what I’m feeding the verb

RT @BergtoneMusic: often I’ll use other delay plugs or a separate short reverb before the main verb to create a more complex pre delay.

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