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BEAT FIXX Premium Drum Editing Service

I’d like to let you know about one of the services I offer. BEAT FIXX is a premium drum editing service that has been providing the best quality editing to bands and studios worldwide since 2008.

I first announced BEAT FIXX here in 2008, since then the website has been rebuilt, the prices have gone up and the quality of service has gone up. When I started offering drum editing I was using Elastic Audio, then Beat Detective and now completely manual editing for the absolute best results with minimal artifacts. Manual editing is by far the best sounding option but can be the most time consuming. Your project is worth it.

The service is ideal for home, project and pro studios that may not have the time or resources to do the corrections themselves, or prefer not to. Effective and natural quantizing techniques take time to master, spend a few hours editing drums the wrong way and you’ll understand why this is a great deal.

If drum editing is something you need for your studio, but just don’t want to do it yourself, check out Beat Fixx.




ps. If you have any questions or comments about this service, or suggestions for improving the website, feel free to email me or leave a comment here.

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