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Last minute gifts for audio geeks

Christmas is fast approaching, if you’ve got a musician or audio engineer in your life, here are few gift ideas under $100.

I asked for gift suggestions on Twitter yesterday, here are the replies:

mattesqueMonotron or a Stylophone.

briankozicki the obvious one being an SM57 🙂 haha

dyLABs – cheap geek toy –

jordanreyn –  SM57/SM58, AT2020 Mic. Good pair of studio headphones, Shure X2u USB interface, high quality mic stand, Zoom H1, Auralex pack

recordingrev – I did a post on a few under $100 audio gifts. Might help! –

edhombre behringer measurement Mic, 2nd hand ev635, danelectro pedals

timgosden turns out I have an EV635… didn’t even realise it could potentially be good? I’ve had it for about 10 years!

edhombre – I freaking love my 635a. Use it lots. Used it on vocals & acoustic on this ace £25 spend!

Mikehillier – old short-wave radios. Nothing sounds quite like them…

brandonshireZoom H1.

Jewsdid_911 – cables/ tubes/ mic stands, bass traps, diffusers, foam, cable wraps, and stuff to keep people organized

theboeweaver – telefunken td 20, pick them up for around 60-80. Incredible on guitars..

recordinghacks Shure X2u USB interface, sweet XLR/USB interface for ~$80. Nady RSM-4 the $70 fathead ribbon. Blue Snowball $70 $59 USB mic.

recordinghacks –  Earthworks KickPad, $99 inline pad/contour filter for kick drum mics. Also, $10 cable ties:

recordinghacks – Ryan’s review sez this is a great instrument dynamic for $80.

Thanks to all for the replies!

Here my list from last year : Gift Ideas For Audio Geeks (Engineers, Producers & Musicians)


  1. Christopher w
    Christopher w December 18, 2010

    last year I got a cool little Akai LPK25 Laptop Keyboard, its better than the nano key ones (actual keyboard keys not laptop like buttons), and its under £50.

    It can easily fit in a laptop case and its USB so you can take it anywhere without anything extra (apart from the laptop and software of course)

  2. Nate A
    Nate A December 20, 2010

    For a one man band kind of deal, I would recommend getting someone BFD Eco, it’s a bit of a stripped down, less resource intensive version of BFD 2. It sounds great, has a decent amount of drums and is really easy to use. Until the end of December it’s $99 and comes with a free expansion pack that’s a sampler from BFD 2’s expansion packs. Also, all of the BFD 2 expansion kits/packs are 50% off at the Fxpansion online store.

    Just so you know, I have absolutely no affiliation with Fxpansion, I just love their product and they have great customer service.

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