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Free Plugin Of The Week – My Top 5 Delay Plugins

I <3 delays more than most things in this world. They are just so fun and useful when mixing. I don’t require anything too fancy in a delay so most of the free ones or the ones in your DAW of choice will do the trick. Here are my 5 favorites which also happen to be free.

  1. TAL Dub – I like this stereo delay for spacey guitars. It has a pretty dark tone and you can make the filter oscillate.
  2. E-Phonic Tape Delay – This little plugin is no match for my real hardware tape delay, but it does that exaggerated, dark and gritty tape delay sound really well.
  3. Valhalladsp Freqecho – This one is new and can do some cool weird stuff. It’s simple and it can give your sounds anything from a smooth chorus to demonic possession effects.
  4. Digidesign Mod delay 2 – While I do like the new AIR effects that came with Pro Tools 8, most of the time I know exactly what I want to do and there’s no delay more straightforward to use than the Mod Delay series.  All my mixes done in Pro Tools have at least one of these in use.
  5. Cockos ReaDelay – This is one that comes with REAPER, it’s basic but has different features than the others on the list. It’s a multi-tap delay essentially giving you as many separate delays as you want, each with complete control over speed, feedback, panning, filtering, and bit depth. The one thing this one can’t do is chorus/flanging effects.

That’s my list – What’s YOUR favorite delay plugin? Leave a comment below.


  1. Randy Coppinger
    Randy Coppinger October 13, 2010

    I’ve probably used the SoundToys “EchoBoy” on every mix I’ve done since installing it. I find it intuitive, powerful and most importantly it sounds amazing.

  2. ronnie
    ronnie November 2, 2010

    some additional free favorites:
    Arcdev ET-200 & 301
    Mutagene 2WarpDelay
    Interruptor Bionic Delay

    and commercial ones:
    FabFilter Timeless 2
    Ohm Force OhmBoyz
    Intelligent Devices MegaDelayMass
    and recently Rob Papen’s RP-Delay

    +1 I <3 delays more than most things in this world.

  3. mabian
    mabian October 25, 2011

    Two other free gems:

    Bootsie NastyDLA
    Kjaerhus Audio Classic Delay

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