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Free Sound Of The Week – Audio Genetics Lab KONTAKT freebies

This week I’d like to draw your attention to Audio Genetics Lab. They have a couple of free KONTAKT Libraries out now, the Tongue Drum, and the new Magnus Chord Organ. These two instruments on their own have limited use, but the engineers at Audio Genetics Lab don’t just accurately sample, they create new mutations using the incredibly powerful KONTAKT engine. Check out the samples to hear what I mean.

Magnus Organ Purist by AudioGeneticsLab


Magnus 8bit Battle by AudioGeneticsLab

Tongue Drum Only Demo by AudioGeneticsLab

I love what the team at Audio Genetics Lab are doing, I fully support their research and can’t wait to see what they do next.

The full version of KONTAKT is required for these.

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  1. MMI
    MMI September 9, 2010

    Even if you don’t want the sounds, checking out their site is very worthwhile. If only for the self-esteem of the plectrum(s).

    Brilliant research being done.

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