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Weekly Tweetdump 32

I’m late getting the tweetdump out for the past week but better late than never. I don’t know if I’ll have internet in whatever crummy motel I’ll happen to be in next Sunday (on my move from Toronto to Vancouver) and I may not be tweeting much anyway.

  • Big news of the day – PT HD hacked to work without hardware
  • New AGZ post: How to Record Beatbox / Fireflies
  • “On this record you’ll hear heavy metal, a genre of music from the future!”
  • Planning the drive from Toronto to Vancouver. Depressing. I took a walk down Death Valley w/ Google streetview to cheer up.
  • I like smoothies but hate seeds 🙁
  • New AGZ post: Free software bundle for Nocturn 25 & 49 owners
  • Stack of recording magazines to go ASAP. Toronto area, pick up only
  • So much clutter, so disorganized! Moving in 7 days!!!
  • Posted about the latest update on the Reaper Blog
  • Updated the latest blog post Buyer Beware… Stay away from that Crysonic deal
  • New AGZ post: Buyer beware…
  • New Episode of the Home Recording Show up now!!!!
  • Alright, enough procrastination, time to get this podcast edited.
  • New AGZ post: Free Plugin Of The Week – LiveCut
  • Watching Daybreakers.
  • Got an apartment in Vancouver!
  • mmm, bacon curtains…
  • Pro Tip- if your inbox is not nearly full enough, post an ad for a free fish tank. 15 replies in 3 minutes!
  • Why is the mac so hot? *checks activity monitor* oh, Finder is using 100% CPU. Weird that it didn’t seem slow or crashy just hot.
  • RT @RandyCoppinger: 13 mics on djembe! Percussion mic shootout with sounds, pics, setup & opinions.
  • I really hope I get this apartment.
  • Get REAPER behaving like Pro Tools and beyond thanks to Adam’s customization guide.
  • Is anyone else able to recognize EZdrummer, Slate Drums or Addictive drums etc in music and is less enjoyable as a result?
    • @theaudiogeek um, no … If it fits and sounds good, then who cares?
    • @theaudiogeek I can’t. But then again, I’m usually not worrying over what drum samples or loops were used if the tune is good.
    • @theaudiogeek These don’t inherently bother me, no. Today’s solutions can be more difficult to detect than a Linn Drum.
    • @theaudiogeek sometimes yes. Sometimes I know it and they are done so well I don’t care.
    • @theaudiogeek I think only AEs can, but we already pick everything we hear apart and make music less enjoyable due to that anyways 😀
  • New AGZ post: Weekly Tweetdump 31 + more

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