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Optimizing OSX for Audio

Optimizing OSX for Audio

Learn all about optimizing your OSX based computer for peak performance with digital audio production.

Home Studio Corner is a great resourc...

Home Studio Corner is a great resource for Pro Tools users

This Thursday, February 25th Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner is hosting a webinar entitled “Why I Use Pro Tools”. It’s free to sign up and will be fun and informative. Fair warning, he is going to be promoting his upcoming tutorial video (which is going to be something you’ll want to pick up). Besides […]

Pro Tools Tip – Conflict with M...

Pro Tools Tip – Conflict with Melodyne & MP3 export

Just an FYI if you use Pro Tools and Melodyne and ever want to use the MP3 export function. I came across this today (don’t I have the best luck?), isn’t it lovely. [click to embiggen] It turns out there’s is a conflict with Melodyne Plugin & the MP3 Export for Pro Tools. The FAQ […]

Pro Tools Tip – Don't trus...

Pro Tools Tip – Don't trust the timing accuracy of Audiosuite processing

Today I was mixing a song in Pro Tools and came across a big problem with the Pitch Shift and Time Shift Audiosuite plugins. Here’s what happened: I had a horn part that just didn’t sound as thick as I wanted. I duplicated the track and processed the duplicate with Audiosuite Pitch Shift down one […]

AVID/Digidesign skipping AES 2009

Posted on the DUC today: For those of you planning on attending the 2009 AES Convention in New York (October 9-12), we want to let you know about our plans for the show this year. After much thought, Avid has decided not to exhibit at AES 2009. While Avid won’t have a booth presence […]

FXpansion VST to RTAS Adapter and Mon...

FXpansion VST to RTAS Adapter and Mono Plugins

I guess this isn’t really a trick, but since I don’t often read manuals for software this option went unnoticed for a long time. I was always cursing that some of my favorite plugins would only work on stereo tracks. This was a big pain in the ass for gates (like ReaGate, which I prefer […]

Free Plugin Of The Week – Old R...

Every Monday I highlight free plugins new and old that are worth checking out. See all posts in the Free Plugin Of The Week Series. For those of you that missed this on the Twitter, Digidesign has released a few of the older plugins free. Pro Tools 8 comes with a ton of new plugins, […]